Weight Loss Wednesdays 2: Trying to Keep Up

Its time for Weight Loss Wednesdays!

Alright, I admit it, I slacked off…but not really, let me tell you about my week. If you remember, I had started 10 minute Trainer last week.

Day 1 (Tues) – I did core cardio + upper body. It didn’t feel that hard, so I was a bit disappointed.

Day 2 (Wed) – For some reason, I was really tired that day and didn’t feel like doing anything; I told myself I would double my workload the next day.

Day 3 (Thurs) -I finally took a look at the schedule and realized that it was supposed to be a break day but since I took a break the day before, I did Day 2’s schedule of Core Cardio + Total Body. Boy, did I ever sweat! By the time I finished the 20 minutes I had planned, I was glad I didn’t decide to go through with doubling 2 days worth of workouts!

Day 4 (Fri) -I did Core Cardio + Abs. This was the day I realized that the picture above was actually for Cardio and that if I had read carefully, there were actually 3 programs in a day. Needless to say, I felt a bit silly for haven’t seen it properly. On the other hand though, I love working my core so this may be a better route for me anyways. Oh my goodness, the abs workout was hard! I actually think this one is harder than p90x’s Ab Ripper X. How that girl did it in the video amazes me. I was sweating buckets and I couldn’t even keep up for 10 minutes…wow! I wonder how long it’ll take until I can keep up…

Saturday, Sunday and Monday was spent on moving furniture, painting, and general house work. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fit any workouts in.

Tuesday…yay! This was by far, the most relaxing day I have had all week. So I decided to try and catch up on my exercise. I mixed and matched 2 exercises each from Day 5 & 6 and ended up doing 4 mini-workouts all in a row. I finally tried out Cardio; I also did lower body, core cardio and yoga flex. I found lower body to be really rough…and after the third 10 minute workout, my arms were feeling like jelly! 

I’m still having a bit of troubles working on Core Cardio because I don’t have the waist band. If you know where I can find and purchase one, please let me know. 

In conclusion, I want to say that even if you miss a day or two…or three in my case, don’t give up! When you get a chance, just pick up where you left off and keep on moving forward.

Good luck with your exercise endeavors and keep it up!
Until next time,
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One Response to Weight Loss Wednesdays 2: Trying to Keep Up

  1. Tracey says:

    I am so impressed at how consistent you are being with the 10 Minute Trainer! I will get there too! Thanks for all your support and linking up to Weight Loss Wednesday! ♥ Tracey

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